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Fraud Awareness Week 2019 17-23 Nov


his week is International Fraud Awareness Week and we want to take this opportunity to keep our clients informed.

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Eleanor Stevenson


Sterling broke out of its recent range on Tuesday morning, rising to its strongest position in almost two weeks against the US Dollar.
Matthew Ryan 10 Apr 2018

Major currencies, Sterling, Euro and the Dollar, all ended very close to where they began the week, with little action in G10 currency trading overall.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 9 Apr 2018

The Pound sank back below the 1.40 level against the US Dollar for the first time in over two weeks, following a release of a woeful UK services PMI.
Matthew Ryan 6 Apr 2018

The Pound slipped against its major peers this morning after a very underwhelming services PMI caused investors to fret about economic slowdown in the UK.
Matthew Ryan 5 Apr 2018

Sterling firmed against its major peers on the first trading day since the Easter break on a better-than-expected manufacturing PMI.
Matthew Ryan 4 Apr 2018

The rally in the Euro has left many asset managers underexposed to Dollar - denominated assets, hence the need for further buying.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 3 Apr 2018

The Pound fell off on month-end flows, slipping by over a percent in a little over five hours before retracing half of its losses yesterday evening.
Matthew Ryan 28 Mar 2018

The US Dollar index slipped to five weeks low against trade-weighted basket on Monday, following easing in trade war concerns and a return to risk appetite.
Matthew Ryan 27 Mar 2018

Currency markets largely sat out the market turmoil brought about by rising fears of a trade war, in which China could retaliate to Trump’s tariffs.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 26 Mar 2018

The Pound briefly touched its strongest position since February on Thursday after the Bank of England signalled rate hike in May.
Matthew Ryan 23 Mar 2018

The Federal Reserve voted anonymously on Wednesday to raise interest rates for the first timer in 2018. The Bank of England to meet today at 12:00 UK time.
Matthew Ryan 22 Mar 2018

With an expected 25 basis point hike this evening the US Dollar will instead be driven mostly by the release of the Fed’s updated ‘dot plot’.
Matthew Ryan 21 Mar 2018

Britain and the European Union had agreed a transitional Brexit period that would last from 29th March 2019 to December 2020.
Matthew Ryan 20 Mar 2018

Ebury, one of the fastest growing fintechs for corporate global transaction services is now live with its real-time service on UK Faster Payments.
Lucie Pankova 20 Mar 2018

The key March meeting of the Federal Reserve looms just ahead. Policymakers in the US are almost certain to raise interest rates on Wednesday.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 19 Mar 2018